The Ruby

By Aly Bain And Phil Cunningham

  1. Estonian
    La Vie Est Pas Donne
    La Bastringue
  2. Violet Tulloch Queen Of Lerwick
  3. Flett From Flotta
    Sabhal Iain IC Uisdean
    The Drampire
    Aly’s Soond
  4. Logan Water
  5. The Wee Bells Of Tak-Ma-Doon Road
    Glencoe Village Hall
    Lady Mary Ramsay’s
  6. Sarah’s Song
  7. Bonaparte’s Retreat
  8. Sunset Over Foula
    Isles Of Gletness
    Starry Night In Shetland
  9. La Ronfleuse Gobel
    La Grande Chaine
    Gallop De Malbaie
  10. The Ruby

Two comments

Second album as a duo

This was Aly and Phil’s second album together and perhaps their best. Lots of nice tunes here and i might post a few of them , by and by.

I have this album, but I have never listened to it much. One thing that bugged me was the extremely heavy multi-tracking on Phil’s part.