There’s A Buzz

By Battlefield Band

  1. Bessie McIntyre
    Johnny Macdonald’s
    Roddy MacDonald’s Fancy
  2. Shining Clear
    The Moonshine
  3. Sir Sidney Smith’s
  4. A Chance As Good As Any
    Reid’s Rant
  5. Lord Haddo’s Favourite
  6. Tending The Steer
    Sandy Thompson
    The Calrossie Cattle Wife
  7. The Presbyterian
    The Watchmaker’s Daughter
    The Hurricane
  8. The Battle Of Waterloo
    The Quaker
  9. One Miner’s Life
    The Image Of God
  10. Kantara To El’Arish
    Christmas Carousel
    Willie Roy’s Loomhouse
  11. The Green Plaid

Five comments

First ever LP i bought! (wi me pocket money)
The late spring sun was shining and the sky was as blue as on the cover that day, there definitevly was a buzz in the air!
Later at home, on listening, I decided to like the Whole album in spite of the cheesy synth backing. I wasn’t going to throw the baby twins with the bathwaters! Side A was just too cheerful! And the buzz I got from the B side!!

Track # 10 on “Youtube”….

Recorded 1984. Ged Foley and Duncan McGillivray had been replaced by Alastair Russell and Dougie Pincock by the time of this concert recording.

Re: There’s A Buzz

The tune which follows the song “Shining Clear” is not credited on the LP but it is known by Scottish musicians today as “The moonshine”.
More about this tune here;