The Woman I Loved So Well

By Planxty

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Additional Musicians:
Matt Molloy: Flute
Noel Hill: Concertina
Tony Linnane: Fiddle
Bill Whelan: Keyboards

NB At the end of "Little Musgrave" is Paddy Fahy’s Reel played by Matt Molloy.

Tailor’s Twist Set

I see it entered incorrectly as "Sailor’s Twist". Anybody got a name for the second hornpipe?

Molloy tune

Does anyone know the name of the tune that Molloy plays after Little Musgrave on Planxty’s ‘Woman I loved so well album?’
Someone told me that it is Paddy Fahy’s but I cannot find a version on the Session that appears to be anything like it.
Thanks for any help

Re: Molloy tune

It is a Fahy tune and it is here in the database, possibly as a "Gan Ainm". I’d have to look for it, but can’t at the moment.

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Re M olloy tune

Thanks Kenny
I would appreciate it.

I liked Matt Molloy’s slow reel (Fahy’s) after the ballad "Little Musgrave"; also the tender C-and-W song "True Love Knows No Season". As well, of course, as the ever-competent instrumental sets. I rather nodded off through "Little Musgrave", but give Christy credit for taking on one of the big ballads. They must be very difficult to pull off.

Nameless hornpipe from America

Quoting Liam Og regarding the hornpipe that follows "The Tailor’s Twist":
"The tune is one of many I have learned from Junior Crehan from Co. Clare. Junior tells me he heard the tune from the late Denis Murphy, Co. Kerry, who brought the tune back from America. Junior had no name for this tune."

The Pullet?

The second tune (after the interlude) in the set, is it anywhere on the session or is there another name for it? Because the one this one links to bear no resemblance what so ever to what they play.