On The Rise

By Battlefield Band

  1. John MacKenzie’s Fancy
    The Train Journey North
  2. Carnlough Bay
  3. The Pilgrim’s March
    Scarlet And Black
    The Struggle
    Struy Lodge
  4. Montrose
  5. She’s Late But She’s Timely
  6. Bad Moon Rising
    The Rising Moon
  7. The Clumsy Lover
    The Unmade Bed
  8. The Dear Green Place
  9. The Gale Warning
    The Anchor Steam
    The Farmer’s Daughter
  10. Island Earth No More
    Flight Of The Eaglets
  11. After Hours
    The Green Gates
    The Ship In Full Sail

Two comments

Bad moon, purists nightmare.

I think the Batties upset some of the purists about this time but they played some fun music and gigs. They could still deliver good "trad music" when they wanted to.