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By Glenside And Kilfenora Céilí Bands

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  1. Connemara Stocking
    The Westmeath Hunt
    A Fair Wind
  2. John Joe’s
    Bridgie McGrath’s
  3. Rattigan’s
    The Morning Star
    Dublin Porter
  4. Belfast Town
  5. Mullin’s
    Reel Of Rio
    Paddy Murphy’s Wife
  6. The Flowers Of Edinburgh
    The Stack
  7. The Flax In Bloom
    The Liffey Banks
    Dinny O’Brien’s
    Miss Langford’s
    Come West Along The Road
  8. Austin Tierney’s
    I’m Waiting For You
    The Boys Of Ballysodare
    The Five Mile Chase
  9. The Humours Of Glendart
    The Joy Of My Life
  10. Down The Broom
  11. Coming Back To Miltown
  12. McDermott’s
    Lady Montgomery
  13. The Gold Ring
    The Luck Penny
  14. The Reel Of Bogie
    The Kerry
    The Sailor On The Rock
    The Lady Of The Island
    The Stony Steps
  15. Music In The Glen
    The Green Gates
  16. The Bridge Below The Town
  17. Tonro’s
    The Leitrim
  18. Jackie Coleman’s
    The Snake
  19. Limerick Is Beautiful
  20. The Trip To Durrow
    The Limerick Lasses
    The Road
    The London Lasses
  21. Hurricane’s Victory
    The Providence
  22. The Golden Jubilee
  23. Morrison’s
    The Bride’s Favourite
  24. The Glenside
    Cathy’s Favourite
  25. Cod Liver Oil
  26. The Honeymoon
    The Limestone Rock
    Tom Ward’s Downfall

Nine comments

Glenside and Kilfenora Ceili Bands

A cheapo compilation on Castle Communications. I can’t stop myself buying these when they’re on sale at bootfairs or whatever for less than a quid. This is a damn good listen, whatever the asking price!


Aye, you’re right, Aidan. The Kilfenora’s sets are great - less sure about the Glenside, though, and what about “Coming Back To Miltown” !? Incidentally, Tommy Peoples was one of the players with the Kilfenora on this recording.

Except ….

Cod Liver Oil is a great song; I love sung jigs and Cod Liver Oil ranks alongside Johnny Jump Up, The Louse House Of Kilkenny and The Comical Genius in my humble opinion (mind you, since they share a tune, I’d be hard-pushed to say otherwise!).

Kenny: “Incidentally, Tommy Peoples was one of the players with the Kilfenora on this recording…”

…and a 16-year old Kevin Burke (fiddle) was on the Glenside recording, alongside John Carty (flute) and Eddie Corcoran (flute).

Track 24:
The Glenside Number One is here as The Glenside Polka
The Glenside Number Two is here as Cathy’s Favourite

Aye, right…

Bit dubious about your claim above, Nigel. What’s the source of your information ? Kevin Burke [ allegedly, “Wikipedia” ] - was born in 1950, - at 16 years old, the “Glenside Ceili Band ” recording would have been made in 1966, which I think would be about right. I saw John Carty - assuming we’re talking about the same John Carty - at the London Irish Festival in 1980, when according to Fintan Vallely’s “Irish Music Companion” he would have been 16, having been born in 1964. I’m also fairly certain that when he was introduced to the audience, his age of 16 was mentioned. Nevertheless, good as he is, I’m fairly certain he was not playing with the Glenside Ceili Band in 1966 at the age of 2 ! Over to you.

Songs, Jigs, Reels By Glenside And Kilfenora Ceili Bands

The source of my information is the original LP released in 1967. The John Carty (flute) I mentioned is the father of the John Carty you saw in 1980, and in his day he was well respected as a traditional musician. On the LP cover he is pictured playing what looks like a banjo mandolin, and he’s the spitting image of JC junior!

For your information I reproduce some of the sleeve notes:

"The members of the band are:
Tom McGowan from Gurteen, Co Sligo…
Eamonn Gorman from Goole, Co Westmeath…one of the younger generation of fiddle players…
Kevin Burke [from] New Eltham, London, who is only 16 years of age has learned his music in London and is already noted as a leading violinist. He is still at school studying for his A levels and he is also a follower of classical music. He takes his exams at the Guildhall School of Music.

John Carty who comes from Boyle, Co Roscommon. John as well as being one of the present day outstanding players on the flute is also an accomplished musician on…fiddle, banjo and bagpipes. He played in the Army Band as a piper and has won the All-Ireland Trios Championship at Mullingar in 1963.
Eddie Corcoran comes from Gurteen Co Sligo and is still in his teens…With Kevin [he] won the under-18 All-Britain Championship two years ago.

Brendan Tyrrell from Mohill, Co Leitrim
Tony Ledwith from Multyfarnham, Co Westmeath

Gerald Murphy from Welling, Kent

Benny O’Connor from Oranmore

Eddie Hickey, Co Tipperary
Martin Dillon* from Co Tipperary"

* = Dillon did not actually sing on this recording.

You live and learn…

Thanks for clearing that up, Nigel. All makes perfect sense now, and thanks for taking the time to post the sleeve notes. That’s quite a line up of musicians in the “Glenside” CB. I’ll need to listen to some of these tracks again, as I didn’t think them nearly as good as the “Kilfenora” when I first listened to it.
Incidentally, Tracks #1 - 14 are the “Kilfenora”. The tracks after that are “Glenside”.

Thanks Nigel & Kenny for taking the time, nicely done and much appreciated…