Even In The Rain

By Deaf Shepherd

  1. Islay’s Charms
    Farewell To Millennium Village
    Pierre’s Right Arm
    Alex C MacGregor
  2. The Bonnie Lass O Wellwid Ha’
  3. The World’s End
    There’s Time To Wait
    Mince In A Basket
  4. The Alborada Rant
  5. Yestreen I Had A Pint O Wine
  6. Póilín Ní Lionsaigh
  7. The Braemar Gathering
    Morag MacNeil, Tangusdale
    Colin Clark Caruthers
    New Hands
    Donella Beaton
  8. I Coft A Stane O Haslock Woo
    Ben Wyviss
  9. Uist Dance
    Lady Madelina Sinclair
    Dunse Dings A
    Haggs Castle
  10. The Mermaid’s Sang
  11. Even In The Rain
    The Quebec Breakdown
    Loch An Duin
    Gregor Lowrey’s
  12. Lost For Words At Sea

One comment

Even in the Rain

The band’s third album. Nice tunes, nice performance, much less Irish tunes. I think Grant’s Reel is already in Irish fiddlers’ repertoire.