The Return From Fingal

By Seamus Ennis

  1. Bonny Kate
    The Milliner’s Daughter
    The Flannel Jacket
  2. The Pipe On The Hob
    An Buachaillin Bui
    East Of Glendart
  3. An Droighnean Donn
    The Garden Of Daisies
  4. The Bantry
    The Pleasures Of Hope
  5. Smash The Windows
    The Drops Of Brandy
    The Tenpenny Piece
    A Fig For A Kiss
  6. The Mountain Lark
    The Sligo Maid’s Lament
    The Flax In Bloom
  7. The Tailor’s Twist
  8. The Ace And Deuce Of Piping
  9. The Fair-Haired Girl
    The Bucks Of Oranmore
  10. Ballymanus Fair
    The Standing Abbey
  11. The Gold Ring
    Uirchill An Chreagain
  12. The Salamanca
    Hand Me Down The Tackle
  13. The Return From Fingal
  14. Amhrán & Fonn Mall:
    An Droimeann Donn Dilis
  15. Amhrán & Fonn Mall:
    An Cruiscin Lan
  16. Amhrán & Fonn Mall:
    Eamon A’ Chnoic
  17. Amhrán & Fonn Mall:
    Sean O Duibhir An Ghleanna
  18. Tatter Jack Walsh
  19. The Butcher’s March
    When The Cock Crows It Is Day
    Sixpenny Money
  20. The Silver Spear
    The Dublin
  21. Ballymanus Fair
  22. Lady Carbury
    The Mason’s Apron
  23. The Frieze Breeches
  24. The Morning Thrush
  25. The Dusty Miller
    The Dusty Miller
  26. Easter Snow

Four comments

This is quite a good album. It’s Seamas Ennis solo playing on all of the recording but I love listening to his slow airs.

A good rebuttal to his critics

who complain about his tuning/timing/execution on his later (but far more readily available for some reason) recordings like The Pure Drop and The Fox Chase.

Re: The Return From Fingal

Fixed some of the links, Ballymanus Fair now links to the proper hornpipe. Fisher’s Hornpipe, not Alexander’s.

Cheers. 👍

Re: The Return From Fingal

Yes. This is an excellent collection from this central artist. The 21 pages in the booklets were prepared and written by Peter Browne. Harry Bradshaw remastered the sound. Published by RTE in 1997.
You can hear Séamus Ennis sing on tracks 14 to 17. He also gives a bit of background on some of the tunes. The live recordings at the end of the list are just excellent.