Up Close

By Kevin Burke

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Up Close polkas

I remember when I first heard that set of polkas. That’s when I decided I wanted to play trad. I never got the fiddle down, but here I am playing.

Raheen Medley

The tunes in the Raheen medley have titles!

1. The Ballygow Reel
2. Trip to Cullenstown
3. Pip Murphy’s

1 & 2 were composed by the late Phil Murphy of Ballygow, Co. Wexford and #3 by his son Pip Murphy. The first two appear on the album “Trip to Cullenstown” by Phil, John & Pip Murphy while “Pip Murphy’s” appears on the recent “In Session” by Eoin O’Neill.

Kevin Burke Up Close

What is the first polka in the Set #2??

Charlie Haris

1st tune is a polka version of a reel recorded by “De Danann” on “Song For Ireland” as “Charlie Harris’s”. There is another name to it but I can’t think of it at the moment. [It’s not “The Burren” - it’s the one before it.]