Cosa Gan Bhroga

By Eithne Ni Uallachain, Gerry O’Connor, Desi Wilkinson

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Cosa Gan Bhroga

Someone recently asked about fiddle/flute duets. I recommend this. Great stuff, and some very good singing too.

Well said ,Kenny!-a great recording…

On the topic of Fiddle/Flute duets We shouldn`t forget the two McGuire/Sherlock albums recorded on outlet records,Belfast around about 1970,they are now available on about 7 quid a piece which is great value.

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Oh well…

Link doesn’t work - there’s a company on eBay selling them for £14.99 including P&P. I have no financial interest in this, other than hoping that Desi and Gerry get a few bawbees out of it.

Desi & Gerry on “iTunes”…..

Now available from “iTunes”.

Track 7 tune 2

Track 7 tune 2, Down The Glen, was linked to the the wrong tune (Down The Glen, the hornpipe):
Now linked to The Old Crossroads at
(although someone commented there it should be called The Old Cross March). Nearest setting to the Gerry O’Connor/Eithne Ní Uallacháin/Desi Wilkinson version looks like ceolachan’s X:2, allowing for the fact that most of the tunes are pitched at a lowish Eb, but above D. By the way, does anyone know if the late Eithne Ní Uallacháin provided any flute on this recording, in addition to the four songs ?

Re: Cosa Gan Bhroga

As far as I recall, once having the original LP record, Eithne - although a fine flute-player herself - was “only” the singer on this album. Gerry and Desi were playing a lot together as a duo at the time.

Re: Cosa Gan Bhroga, Track 2

Track 2 starts off with The Shelf and then at 2:08 goes into what the musicians here call Charlie O’Neill’s (but what is listed on the session as The Ballyoran, aka An Gallope), then at 3:08 goes back to The Shelf for one more run through. The Ballyoran is at
and setting X:4, parts A and B, seems closest to what’s here.
Have amended the link from Charlie O’Neill’s, above, accordingly