By Jennifer And Hazel Wrigley

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  1. Orcadia
  2. Newark Bay
    The Broonie O’ Copinsay
  3. Sleepy Laddie
  4. The Dingieshowe Dancers
  5. Miss Eilidh Shaw
    Thoumires Trendy Treads
  6. Utiseta
    Churchill Barriers
  7. The Stronsay
  8. North Ron’
    South Ron’ Run
  9. The Auld Bow
  10. The Deerness Mermaid
    The Watchman’s
  11. The Whorl Reels
    Tammy Spinnle
    The Stronsay Weaver
    Spinnan Cat
  12. The Fairy Ring
    Strollin’ Doon Da Strynd
    Glaitness House
  13. The Trowie Dart
    The Hen-pen-dirlo
  14. Orca

One comment

Jennifer & Hazel Wrigley: Skyran

Their latest album. Great as usual, but I feel they’re less mischievous and more mature on this recording.

The album is peaceful as a whole, but there’s one very fast and furious track in the middle and a somewhat mysterious one in the end. You can sample some tracks here:

I hope to see them on the stage some day again.