Seán McGuire and Roger Sherlock: Two Champions

By Sean McGuire, Roger Sherlock, Josephine Keegan

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  1. Cronin’s Fancy
    Tom Ward’s Downfall
  2. Reavy’s
    The Ravelled Hank Of Yarn
  3. Casadh An tSugain
  4. Slievenamon
  5. The Duke Of Leinster
    The Duke Of Leinster’s Wife
  6. The Pullet Wants A Cock
  7. The Dairymaid
    The Holy Land
  8. Jackie Coleman’s
    Roger’s Fancy
  9. The Golden Ring
  10. Sé Fáth Mo Bhuartha
  11. Andy McGann’s
    The Humours Of Scarriff
  12. Mama’s Pet
    Mama’s Pet
  13. The Banks
  14. The Humours of Ennistymon
    Tone Rowe’s

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Outlet Records PTICD 1002

McGuire is joined by his stalwart sparring partners Josephine Keegan (piano) and Roger Sherlock (flute). Sherlock gets two solos on the CD - The Duke of Leinster Set and Mama’s Pet. On Belfast’s Outlet label. The minimal sleeve notes don’t say when this was recorded, which is a big oversight!

Rcorded in 1969

I am pretty certain ,Aidan,of the above date and two years later they did a follow-up.Sad to say ,although Outlet have re-issued a lot of their back catalogue on C.D.the original titles of the albums have been dropped and the art work on most of the original l.p.sleeves has been replaced with silly photographs of a chinese `skylark` school violin (no racist insult meant)and mindless titles like `the best of ` The very best of` `at his best `and so on..mindless.

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Thanks, Cos

Too true … when you’ve got stuff like this in your archives, then why re-issue with sleeve notes which tell the listener sod all about the recordings. It’s not as if many people who aren’t afficionados would ever contemplate buying a CD such as this. so why don’t Outlet provide the sort of detailed sleeve information that would help the trad community properly contextualise the recordings!? Agreed as well that the artwork is shoddy. At least the music is cracking; for that all the other misgivings can be forgiven!

“The Very Best Of Sean McGuire” ~ title for the later reissued CD

“Seán McGuire and Roger Sherlock: Two Champions” ~ the LP: Outlet SOLP 1002, 1969
Also re-released under other titles:

“Sean McGuire: Irish Traditional Fiddling” ~ Outlet SOLP 1002

“The Very Best Of Sean McGuire” ~ CD

I’ve changed this entry’s title to that of the earlier LP, also to show at least a little more balance in crediting the musicians involved as not being all about Sean McGuire/Maguire…