Linkin’ O’er The Lea

By Maggy Murphy

  1. Linkin’ O’er The Lea
  2. Banks Of The Silvery Tide
  3. Killyburn Brae
  4. Seven Years Did I Have A Sweetheart
  5. Stock Or Wall (Captain Emmerson)
  6. Early, Early All In The Spring
  7. Crockery Ware
  8. Banks Of The Sweet Dundee
  9. Paddy And The Ass
  10. My Father’s Servant Boy
  11. Caroline And The Young Sailor Bold
  12. The Clock Striking Nine
  13. Edmund In The Lowlands Low
  14. There Was A Wealthy Woman
  15. Molly Bawn
  16. Boys And Girls Courting Down By The Roadside

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Veteran Records VT134CD

From Tempo, County Fermanagh, Murphy committed the majority of songs on this album to tape when well in her seventies. A gem for song-collectors!