Drops Of Springwater

By Karen Tweed

  1. The Steeplechase
    All Around The World
    Matt Peoples’
  2. Siobhan O’Donnells No 1
    Siobhan O’Donnell’s No 2
  3. Frank McCollum’s
    The Turnpike
    Joe Skelton’s
  4. My Love Is In America
    Bunker Hill
  5. The Humours Of Kesh
    Tom Trainor’s
    The Cuil Aodha
  6. The Sailor On The Rock
    The Drunken Landlady
    Maudabawn Chapel
  7. Sweeney’s
    The Ballydesmond
    Gan Ainm
  8. The Strayaway Child
    Con Cassidy’s
  9. Dinkies
    The Convenience
  10. The Scholar
    The Humours Of Loughrea
  11. The Queen Of The West
    The Cliffe
  12. The Connaughtman’s Rambles
    The Second Victory
  13. The Girl Who Broke My Heart
    Hand Me Down The Tackle
    The Monaghan Twig
  14. The Gander In The Pratie Hole
    Hartigan’s Fancy
    The Miner’s
  15. Launching The Boat
    The Piper’s Despair
    The Raheen
  16. Jim Keeffe’s
    Peg Ryan’s
    Teahan’s Favourite
  17. Drops Of Springwater
    The Humours Of Derrycrosane
    The Whinny Hills Of Leitrim
  18. Fearghal O Ghadra
    Over The Moor To Maggie
    The Old Copperplate

Three comments

I’ve posted these Karen Tweed albums after a request for tunes which could be played on the piano accordian. There seems to be quite a few for which she doesn’t know the proper titles but I’ve named them as per the albums

This is a lovely recording of solid piano accordion playing. Anyone who thinks the piano accordion cannot play authentic trad music should get a copy of this album. The tunes are great too.

Re: Drops Of Springwater

The first tune of third set is called The New House, or Paddy O’Brien’s.