At First Light

By Michael McGoldrick & John McSherry

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origins of slow air Doinna?

Does anyone know about the history/origins of the slow air Doinna that Michael McGoldrick and John McSherry play on “First Light”?

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Re: origins of slow air Doinna?

Sorry, don’t know but would like to.

Re: origins of slow air Doinna?

I haven’t heard the tune - Is it non-Irish? In Rumanian music there is a type of slow song or air called a DOINA.

Re: origins of slow air Doinna?

I think they found this tune in two cds made by the great band Gwerz, from Brittany, the cds are called “Gwerz - Live” and “Gwerz - Musique Traditonnelle de Bretagne”.

Re: origins of slow air Doinna?

Thanks Esther,
It seems likely, as their name “Gwerz” means lament. Do you know of anywhere you can hear it online? Have you heard their Do

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Sorry Athena, but I don’t know where you can listen to it online.
Yes, I have listened to their Doina, it’s different because the intruments (bombardes, fiddle) but I also like it a lot played by them, I think it’s a great tune.


I think this band has since split up - can anyone confirm this? Their live version of Doina is actually much better than the one recorded in studio. Jacky Molard’s fiddle is electrifying when played alongside his brother Patrick’s biniou. There’s a photo of the guys at the end of this link
The guitarist in the pic is not Jacques Pellen but So

Did the band split???

hey conàn

I can assure you, the band still exists.
I saw them a few times now… the last two great concerts were:
dranouter festival august 2004 and
celtic night festival at lommel november 2004.

yeah, there are different versions of the band:
last time I saw Tina McSherry instead of Mike McGoldrick, Patrick McDuff instead of Garry (bodhran)
they can play with 3, 4 or 5 musicians… (even more)
it depends…

they played also very different at lommel than at dranouter…
dranouter was more energy, power… of course, Mike and John, and Gary and JohnJoe (both bodhran)
lommel was more groovy, jazzy, experimental… really great to hear them in that way also!!!

so watch out for celtic connections at glasgow, january… would love to go anyway!!!


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No Lieve, I meant the breton band Gwerz have split up, not the At First Light group.

I helped do support for John and Donal O’Connor recently so you’re right the personnel does change a lot.

hé conán

dom van mij hé… als je donal, john en mike nog eens ziet, doe ze dan de groeten van lieve met de krullen en haar fototoestel uit belgië 🙂

en nu herinner ik me weer deze discussie!

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Accordion on track 4

That sounds a lot to me like Sharon Shannon on track 4.

The CD notes do not name whomever is playing or mention her or anyone else playing accordion anywhere.

Whadya think?

That’s probably Allan Kelly on the piano accordion.

Accordion on Track 4

I’d say it is probably Donald Shaw, given that he wrote the tune (Ornette’s Trip To Belfast), co-produced the album, and is credited as playing ‘keyboards on all tracks except track 5’.

Donald Shaw

Thanks triplet. Duh!!! That does make sence. For whatever reason I usually don’t think accordion when I think “keyboard.” If it is Mr. Shaw then props to him it’s brilliant playing.