Pure Traditional Music of Ireland

By Na Fili

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Now reissued on C.D.by Outlet

Sadly,not under its original name,and very sparse details of its antiquity.This album is now for sale under the profound name"Traditional music of Ireland"….

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Grrrr! Outlet!!

Same old same old, cos! I think I’ll drop them a line asking why, if they’ve got rights to such a fabulous back catalogue of trad music (in amongst all the dross in their back catalogue), can’t they do the decent thing and package it properly! Surely it doesn’t cost that much more to provide a few sleeve notes. Surely it would cost LESS to use the original title and artwork for any subsequent re-issue. I’m not sure that Outlet really know that much at all about the pond that they’re fishing in!

Shanachie Recordings

Aidan,I think Outlet would need to take a long hard look at the professional and lavish packaging provided by The Shanachie label over the years with beautiful Celtic artwork,comprehensive sleeve notes and often an inset sheet with some tunes from the album
expertly annotated for the buyer.

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Unaware of reissue

This came from one of my old LPs. I was unaware of any re-issue. The artwork on the album isn’t all that great and it is falling apart, but then regular use does that doesn’t it. We had a lot of fun playing some of these sets years ago.

Glad to see it reissued

I remember this from the 70s; wonderful playing from Tomas and Matt

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Na Fili=Trio

Great playing from Tomas, Matt and Tom.

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For searching purpose …

The right name (on the original LP) for the first tune of track #3 is "Miss McNamara".

Track 14, 1st reel…..

The link hasn’t worked, I think it’s that "thing" with apostrophe’s again.
Same for the 2nd reel in the set - see below.

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Links fixed.

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St(r)one Johnny ?

The sticker on the original vinyl mentions "Stone Johnny" as the 2nd reel of CD’s track #7.