Kerry’s Delight and Other Jigs, Reels and Hornpipes

By Tom Fleming

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  1. The Dog Among The Bushes
    The Heights Of Muingvuara
  2. The Bridge Over The Maine
    The Lakes Of Killarney
  3. John Brosnan’s
    The Girl From Athlone
  4. The Road To Galway
    The Tailor
    The Maid At The Spinning Wheel
  5. Fly By Night
    The Amazon
  6. The Waves At Dingle
    The Scholar
  7. The Curlew
    The Drunken Tinker
  8. The Blooming Meadows
    Ireland’s Fancy
  9. The Green Shamrock
    Paddy Fahy’s
  10. Garret Barry’s
    Tatter Jack Walsh
  11. The Tipsy Sailor
  12. Miko Russell’s
    Fred Finn’s

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Tom Fleming-Kerry`s Delight

A great album of 2-row playing for the discerning Box-Player-Not sure if its readily available though.

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