Kerry’s Own

By Paddy Cronin

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Paddy Cronin

Paddy made this for Outlet in Belfast in 1977 so it`s in their back catalogue.He plays fiddle on all tracks and flute and fiddle on track 13-He made the flute himself.Dodgy guitar and Bodhran back-up ,however I.M.H.O.

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The Great Co. Kerry Fiddler?

I have an album called Paddy Cronin, The Great Co. Kerry Fiddler on my computer and I have no track names.. There are 20 tracks and I can’t seem to find the names of them anywhere or even any trace of this CD existing besides the fact that it’s on my computer now under this name.. Anyone heard of it?

Wikipedia ?????

According to “Wikipedia” he recorded 4 albums. I’d only ever heard of 2 of them, so what you might have is one of the other 2.

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Re: Kerry’s Own

Now £3.99 on iTunes - hard to beat that !

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