The Connachtman’s Rambles

By Martin O’Connor

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Connachtman’s Rambles

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Not mine - Track 4 is a hornpipe with no name, and I put it in, but the list doesn’t want to know. There are 12 tracks on this LP - “A Stoir mo Chroi” is track 5 and so on. “Updating” doesn’t seem to work either.

The Connachtman’s Rambles

A friend brought this CD back from Ireland for me a few years ago. I gave her a selection of titles from a list of “Top 100” or some such and said bring me back 5 CDs. I was somewhat disappointed at first, since this CD seemed so, I don’t know, uh, ‘dated’ maybe?

Then I heard the title track (#9) and fell in love with Martin’s box playing, and the way he plays these two popular Dmaj jigs at a really soulful “Stop and Smell the Roses” tempo.


25 years later, and I still haven’t heard a better recording of Irish music on accordeon - [ with the possible exception of Dermot Byrne’s solo CD ]. I fail totally to understand how anyone could call this recording “dated”. On the contrary, it is timeless. Great selection of tunes, virtuoso playing, and superb accompaniment from Messrs. Lunny & O’Beirne. A masterpiece. Every home should have one.

Martin O’Connor ~ “The Connachtman’s Rambles” ~ track 3:

Track 3: polkas ~ The Rattling Bog / McElroy’s Fancy (Pat Horgan’s #2) / Gan Ainm (Martin O’Connor’s)

The Rattlin’ Bog
Submitted on March 12th 2002 by hillfolk.

The Glenside / McElroy’s Fancy / Pat Horgan’s #2
Submitted on February 5th 2002 by J?Fr?/a>.

Gan Ainm = Martin O’Connor’s
Key signature: b minor
Submitted on July 10th 2006 by ceolachan.

Connaghtman’s Rambles..

I have heard great things about this recording by Mairtin O’Connor but I cant seem to find a copy.
Is there any place I can find it ?


Re: Connaghtman’s Rambles..

I got a copy a few years back, very interesting recording, very raw and unadorned--more traditional sounding than the very smooth approach of his later recordings. But I can’t remember where I got it, and I am pretty sure it is out of print. Sometimes Ossian USA in New Hampshire has some odds and ends available that you can’t get elsewhere.

Re: Connaghtman’s Rambles..

I just found a copy on
Which country is this.

Re: Connaghtman’s Rambles..

I just found a copy on - Germany

Re: Connaghtman’s Rambles..

A feature of that album, if I remember rightly, is that most of the time he’s playing a B/C accordeon up and down one of the rows, either B or C, so if you want to learn how to play the B/C in the “standard” keys of D, G or A, and put in appropriate bass notes for these, it’s not the best album to learn from. (He does a very nice rendition of The Connaughtman’s Rambles and My Darling Asleep in Eb, presumably playing up and down the inner row of a D/D# box.)

Re: Connaghtman’s Rambles..

Is there a way to switch the language to english?

Re: Connaghtman’s Rambles..

“Is there a way to switch the language to english?”

I’ve bought from before but it can be tricky - quite often if it shows up on the german site but not on the international one, the seller may not want to ship it overseas. (I got round this by sending it to a friend in germany to forward to me!)

You can cut and paste text into a translator eg

but the results can be odd (and very funny)

ps I can’t find it myself

Re: The Connachtman’s Rambles

I’ve updated this listing to include Track #4 - “The Stranger” hornpipe, which wasn’t included before. Unfortunately there is no provision for adding a track, so although the listing is now accurate up to track #11, the final track has gone.
Track # 12 = “Happy To Meet, Sorry To Part / Delaney’s Drummers”.

Re: The Connachtman’s Rambles

The original LP has 6+6 tracks.

Note that Track 1 The Jolly Tinker comes in two chunks; the second version starts at 1’17".

This album is an absolute jewel.

My personal anecdote is that I hated accordion before I heard this album and it made me radically reconsider..!

What a beautiful beautiful touch!