The Far Set

By Michael Clarkson And Gerry Jones

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The Far Set

Fierce flute album from Belfast duo who some great takes on Donegal sets as well as tidy songs from Gerry.
Should be available from Belfast’s Outlet

Marvellous playing-I loved this album

Except for the tactless and uniformed remark by Sam Murray who wrote some of the sleevenotes and he states,in relation to Belfast:`There was no flute playing in the 1960`s with the exception of James McMahon from Fermanagh`He obviously never met, or heard of the great Tom Ginley who was there the whole time,Playing incredible music-one of the greatest Trad flute players ever to draw breath.

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This is a difficult CD to get hold of, since “Outlet” bit the dust, but it would appear to be available on iTunes. Recommended.

Indeed, Kenny, this was originally released in 1998 and I, for one, have never seen a copy. However, there’s one for sale on Amazon UK at the moment.

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Price seems to have come down on iTunes to a ludicrous £3.99 ! Go get it !

Re: The Far Set

The beautiful song The Shipyard Slips was written by the late Brian Moore of Belfast. This track appears on the 2007 Smithsonian compilation CD ‘Sound Neighbours’