Across The Waves

By Cherish The Ladies

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  1. The Cat’s Meow
  2. I Must Away Love
  3. Mary McMahon Of Ballinahinch
    Paddy Fahy’s
    Phyllis’ Birthday
    The Rising Sun
  4. Trasna Na DTonnta
    The Leg Of Duck
  5. The Winding Road From Elkins
  6. Sliabh Geal GCua
  7. The Flags Of Dublin
    John Naughton’s
    The Providence
  8. John O’Dreams
  9. Road Dust
    Do You Want Any More?
    The Maid At The Well
    The Flight Of The Midges
  10. Hard Times
  11. The Bank Of Turf
    Matt Peoples
    The Tapas
  12. The Parting Glass

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The record is so named for the song in the 4th Track, Trasna na dTonnta, which translates to Across the Waves.

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