Flook Live!

By Flook

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Does anyone know how to get ahold of this album? No luck in the stores, on their website… can’t even find it used.

I’ll ask!

If you don’t have any luck in the next 48 hours, I’ll ask Brian Finnegan. I’ll be seeing him at a festival this week-end.

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That would be wonderful! Tell me about the festival as well… maybe under discussions ;)

Flook Live.

Spoke to Brian- he said basically that it wasn’t produced in huge numbers in the first place and has now sold out. He did suggest you contact Sarah Allen through the website, he thought she might just have a spare copy lying around, or might be able to find one for you. Sounds like it’s now a collecter’s item. Good luck!
I won’t say anything about the festival, except that there’s a distinct lack of session etiquette in certain parts of Scotland!

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Hmm, which parts of Scotland are they then Kenny?

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I’ve checked the festival list and just see one festival advertised. If I recall, there’s a distinct lack of any kind of etiquette in that particular county. 🙂 Mind you, I’m originally an Inverness man so I’m biased. 🙂 Not that it’s any better there, mind you.

Flook Live

I didn’t care for this album at all. I think the musicians are all fine but I thought the presentation too slick, especially the frequent use of flute techniques that overshadow the melody of tunes.


Good news for "Trinil".
Just spotted this on a BBC website:

" FLOOK NEWS [11/08/04]
Due to enormous popular demand, flute-based band Flook have decided to re-release a limited quantity of their debut CD Flook! Live! This album was recorded in August 1996 at Sidmouth Folk festival, and features the original band line-up of Brian Finnegan and Michael McGoldrick on wooden flutes and whistles, Sarah Allen on metal flutes and accordion and Ed Boyd on guitar. Copies should be available shortly. To reserve a copy, send an email entitled ‘Flook Live CD’ to sarah@flook.co.uk. "

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Arranged for CD’s and concerts - potential session tunes a bonus. But good!

I do like this one - the live performance gives it an edge. I assume they wondered how well their worked-out arrangements would transfer to stage. In the case of the reel "Trip to Herve’s", very well indeed; it’s one of the most exhilarating pieces of arranged ITM I’ve ever heard. (And yes, I’m aware the tune isn’t regarded as Pure Drop by some, on account of its jazzy bits and syncopated bits…) I love the wild whistle section in the middle, and the arrangements and backing of this track in particular, as well as on the album generally.
I think "Trip To Herve’s" survives on its own as a session tune, without the arrangements that accompany it on record: it’s certainly making the rounds. But a lot of the new tunes played by Flook and others, composed by band members or other people recently, sound nice enough with appropriate backing on a CD but don’t (to me, that is) come across as memorable enough for me to want to learn them. That’s been my normal experience with albums of recently-composed tunes. Every now and then, though, a tune comes up with that something extra - and that’s as much as I’d expect: really good new tunes don’t come easily.
Final remarks - I was very taken with "The History Man" as well as "Herve’s"; and think the three-wind-instrument project was well worth carrying out: it’s been an exploration.

Now available on Tradtunes

At 0.79p per track for mp3 downloads.

Available on iTunes…

….still 79p a track, 5 years later than the last comment.

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Who knows the tune that follows Jizaique - Track 3???