The Music Of Ed Reavy

By Various Artists

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  1. The Wild Swans At Coole
  2. Reilly Of The White Hill
  3. The Shoemaker’s Daughter
  4. Lad O’Beirne’s
  5. Lovely Lough Sheelin
  6. Love At The Endings
  7. Bridget Of Knock
  8. The Ireland We Knew
  9. Fling
  10. The Road To The Glen
  11. Reavy’s No.9
  12. Maudebawn Chapel
  13. Packy’s Place
    The Castleblaney Piper
  14. The Slaney Bog
  15. In Memory Of Coleman
  16. The Lone Bush
  17. Love At The Endings
  18. The Letterkenny Blacksmith
  19. Johnny McGoohan’s
  20. Tom Clark’s Fancy
    The Boys At The Lough
  21. Pat Clark’s
    The Shanvaghara
  22. The Hunter’s House
  23. The Flock Of Wild Geese

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The Music of Ed Reavy

A nice album released in 1991 and recorded and produced by Mick Moloney.Reavy himself ,from older recordings, plays tracks 7,8,9,18,19,and 20.I think track 20 is the only non-Reavy set of tunes here.
Musicians include;
Liz Carroll,Billy McComiskey,Maeve Donnelly,Mick Moloney,Armin Barnett,Brendan Mulvihill,Maureen Fitzpatrick,Eugene O`Donnell,Tim Britton,Paddy Cronin,Larry McCullough,Louis Quinn,and Martin Mulvihill.
One tune is repeated .

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Who does what…


1 - Liz Carroll & Mick Moloney
2 - Billy McComiskey & Andy O’Brien
3 - Maeve Donnelly
4 - Mick Moloney & Shelly Posen
5 - Martin Mulvihill
6 - Tony de Marco & Mick Moloney
7,8,9 - Ed Reavy
10 - Liz Carroll & Armin Barnett
11 - Brendan Mulvihill & Andy O’Brien
12 - Maureen Fitzpatrick
13 - Eugene E.O’Donnell & Mick Moloney
14 - Tim Britton
15 - Paddy Cronin & Mick Moloney
16 - Liz Carroll
17 - Larry McCullough
18 ,19 - Ed Reavy
20 - Ed Reavy & Eugene Curry
21 - Louis Quinn & Mick Moloney
22 - Maeve Donnelly
23 - Brendan Mulvihill & Billy McComiskie

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Here’s a list of the tunes.

The Swans At Coole (Reel)
Reilly Of The White Hill (Reel)
The Shoemaker’s Daughter (Reel)
Lad O’Beirne’s (Hornpipe)
Lovely Lough Sheelin (Fling)
Love At The Endings (Reel)
Bridget Of Knock (Hornpipe)
The Ireland We Knew (Reel)
The Road To The Glen (Reel)
Reavy’s No.9 (Reel)
Maudebawn Chapel (Reel)
Packy’s Place/The Castleblayney (Jigs)
The Slaney Bog (Reel)
In Memory Of Coleman (Reel)
The Lone Bush (Hornpipe)
Love At The Endings (Reel)
The Letterkenny Blacksmith (Reel)
Johnny McGoohan’s (Reel)
Tom Clark’s Fancy/The Boys At The Lough (Reels)
Pat Clark’s/The Shanvaghara (Reels)
The Hunter’s House(Reel)
The Flock Of Wild Geese (Jig)

The tunes have been released on a CD that AFAIK is still available. It’s a lovely CD. Great tunes, well-played by some great musicians.

John Roarty

John Roarty
My name is Therese. I grew up in Drexel Hill, Pa. My Grandfather was John P. Roarty. I believe he was a great influence in "fiddling". As a matter of fact, my aunt told me that was his nickname, The Fidd;er. He had an orchestra by the name of Pride of Killarney Dance Orchestra, in which my mother, Agnes, was the pianist. My Grandfather also owned a tap room on Market St. by the same name of the Orchestra, although to regulars it was called "The Pride". In this new age of computers, I looked up my Grandfather’s name and read what an influence he was on Revy and that a "reel" was done in his honor. I am so sorry that I did not have a chance to speak with Mr. Reavy, considering he was so close to my home town. But, thank you Mr. Reavy, thank you for honoring my Grandfather who I never go to know because of his sudden death in the 1940’s If you knew my Grandfather or any stories or legends, please let me know. Thx, The Fiddlersgranddaughter

Re: The Music Of Ed Reavy

I just purchased this through Amazon. Lovely album.