Rocky Road To Dublin

By Kings Galliard

  1. Couragie
  2. The Gravel Walk
  3. Beardance
  4. Lamentation
  5. The Ashplant
    The Merry Sisters
  6. The Rocky Road To Dublin
  7. O Carolan’s Dream
  8. The Foxhunter’s
    The Foxhunter
  9. Boulavogue
  10. The Maid From Amsterdam
  11. Tuttle’s
    Paddy Fahey’s
    The Humours Of Scarriff
  12. Couragie

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An excellent recording!

I found this in an import shop near my house. I didn’t quite know what it was, but it was cheap, so I bought it. It turned out to be quite excellent.

Brian O’Hairey: fiddle, percussion
Bill Kennedy: guitar, virginals, uilleann pipes, flemish pipes
Mac O’Gavern: mandolin, bodhran, charango, guitar, mouth-organ, panflutes
Jack O’Neally: flutes, whistles, panflutes

One of the first ITM albums I ever listened to. GREAT! Unfortunately, it was the library’s property…and then we moved away! I would love to hear it again.

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Re: Rocky Road To Dublin

Here’s the Youtube notes for ‘The Gravel Walk’:

Starting in slow tempo with Frenk van Meeteren on the banjo, Lenneke Willems on fiddle and Jan Erik Noske on the piano this famous irish reel speeds up when Jørn Plas joins in on guitar.

Kings Galliard who’s love for Irish music made them come from Holland to Ireland. Flute-player Jan Erik Noske discovered Ireland and Irish music in 1973 and brought kings galliard to the biggest Irish music festival in the world: the Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann. In the following years they won the Letterkenny Folk Festival and The Rose of Tralee. Later the welsh harp player Kate Wilson joined kings galliard. The group toured through Europe and recorded a total of 5 LP’s/CD’s. Their first performances were in Paris, St. Tropez, the Hague and Amsterdam.

Lenneke Willems - fiddle
Jørn Plas - guitar and uilleann pipes
Frenk van Meeteren - singing, bouzouki, banjo, mandoline, bodhrán and spoons
Jan Erik Noske - side flute, woodwistle, tinwistle, piccolo and piano

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Re: Rocky Road To Dublin

There’s something very odd going on here. There would appear to be several versions of this CD going around. I have a CD with the performers names listed above by “Mooglepower”, but I have also seen the CD with the same title and tracks and with the Dutch names listed by “GW”. I heard “King’s Galliard” at the All_Ireland Fleadh in Buncrana in 1976. There’s a photo of them on stage in Buncrana on the home page at the moment. Those musicians came from the Netherlands. It is completely beyond the realms of possibility that 2 different groups of musicians would record 2 CDs with the exact same title and tracks, in the same order. The “Irish”-named CD it seems was released in 1991. I think someone invented the Irish names to give the recording more “authenticity” in the hope that it would sell more.
Has anyone ever come across an Irish person by the surname of “O‘Hairey”, or even “O’Gavern” ?
A few tracks have been posted on “Youtube” :

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