The Lark In The Morning

By Steeleye Span

  1. A Calling-On Song
  2. The Blacksmith
  3. Fisherman’s Wife
  4. The Blackleg Miner
  5. The Dark-Eyed Sailor
  6. Copshawholme Fair
  7. All Things Are Quite Silent
  8. The Hills Of Greenmore
  9. My Johnny Was A Shoemaker
  10. Lowlands Of Holland
  11. Twa Corbies
  12. One Night As I Lay On My Bed
  13. The Blacksmith
  14. Cold, Haily, Windy Night
  15. Bryan O’Lynn
    The Hag With The Money
  16. Prince Charlie Stuart
  17. Boys Of Bedlam
  18. False Knight On The Road
  19. The Lark In The Morning
  20. Female Drummer
  21. The King
  22. Lovely On The Water
  23. Rave On
  24. Gower Wassail
  25. Paddy Clancy’s
    Willie Clancy’s Fancy
  26. Four Nights Drunk
  27. When I Was On Horseback
  28. Marrowbones
  29. Captain Coulston
  30. Dowd’s Favourite
    £10 Float
    The Morning Dew
  31. Wee Weaver
  32. Skewball
  33. General Taylor

Three comments

First three albums in one set

This is a compilation of all the songs from Steeleye Span’s first three albums plus two outtakes. All the tracks have been remastered.


On this album, “The Blacksmith” and “Lark in the Morning” are songs, not tunes (unless these are Steeleye recordings I’ve not heard before).

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Yes, you are correct, although “The Blacksmith” is essentially a song version of the tune.