Cherish The Ladies

By Peg McGrath, Kathleen Smyth, Mary Mulholland

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  1. The Callan Lasses
    The Flowing Bowl
  2. The Donegal
    Cherish The Ladies
  3. Scully Casey’s
  4. The Boys Of The 25
    Faral O’Gara
  5. The Dark Slender Boy
  6. Bonny Prince Charlie
  7. The Dairy Maid
    The Heathery Breeze
  8. The Dublin
    The Trip To Athlone
  9. The Gold Ring
  10. Murphy’s
  11. O’Rourke’s
    The Pinch Of Snuff
  12. Hewlett
  13. The Churn Of Buttermilk
    Gillan’s Apples
  14. O’Kennedy’s
    Tom Ward’s Downfall

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Cherish The Ladies-1981-Outlet Recording-solp 1043

very nice bit of playing indeed from Kathleen Smyth(King)on fiddle,Peg McGrath on flute and the late Mary Mulholland on Piano.This was recorded 23 years ago but no follow-up recordings appears to have resulted in their `Cherish the Ladies`name and concept being swiped.

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Benefit of the doubt

I don’t think you can blame the American ladies for swiping the name from this recording, cos. Before the group was formed, Mick Moloney recorded an LP of female Irish-American musicians and they took the LP title from the well-known jig of that name. The band “Cherish The Ladies” evolved out of that recording. Outlet recordings would have been fairly scarce in the USA I would have thought, so I doubt that they even knew about the Belfast “Cherish The Ladies”, which in any case I always thought was the name of the recording rather than the group. A fine LP, though, and I finally managed to get it last year since it was released on CD.

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This record is included in a 10 CD set called “Celtic Souls” that you can pick up for $13.99 on amazon.
The set also includes the John and James Kelly record, a Finbarr Dwyer record, a Seamus Tansey record and several samplers that have some good items as well.

It’s all stuff from the bankrupt Outlet Recordings now being licensed to budget CD houses.

#9 of 10 ~ “Celtic Souls: Irish Celtic Ballads & Traditional Music”

10 CDs for a fiver (£5) ~ Support a good thing!!! 😎

The previous link no longer exists, here are the other recordings in the set:

1.) “Séamus Tansey: Traditional Irish Music”
~ also issued as “The Best of Séamus Tansey”

2.) Finbarr Dwyer: Pure Traditional Irish Accordion Music

3.) John & James Kelly: Irish Traditional Fiddle Music (& friends)

4.) “Tara Folk: Folksongs of Ireland”
~ not on site as yet, primarily songs

5.) “Best Of Irish Ceili Music”

6.) “Rince: Complete Irish Dancing Set”
~ also issued as “First Steps and Beyond”
~ not on site as yet

7 & 8.) “Festival Of Traditional Irish Music, Volumes 1 & 2”

9.) “Cherish The Ladies: Peg McGrath, Mary Mulholland & Kathleen Smyth”

10.) “Armagh Pipers’ Club: Song of the Chanter”

Discussion: “Celtic Souls” ~ longing for identity ~ LP sleeve notes

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LP sleeve notes by Sean Maguire –

“Firstly let me say I hope you get the same, or even some of the pleasure from this first class record that I got. In all my twenty years of playing I clearly state that no finer trio have I listened to with so much pleasure.

KATHLEEN SMYTH - (now Mrs King). You would travel far to find Kathleen’s equal on the violin. This is not surprising as she, like myself, is an ex-pupil of the late madam May Nesbitt of Belfast.

PEG MCGRATH - (Peg Needham) can show anyone how to play Irish music on flute and her playing on this record is the last word.

(R.I.P. ~ Peg McGrath was killed in a road accident quite some time ago.)

MARY MULHOLLAND - needs no introduction from me in the world of recording or Irish music. She has a finely tuned sense of harmony and every chord fits the melody.

Anyway I rate this record as one of the best available in the field of Irish music and wish it one hundred per cent success.

Congratulations girls, for a job well done.“

Recorded 1981.

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Track 10: Murphy’s Hornpipe!

We had the pleasure of Kathleen Smyth’s company & lovely music at our session last night in Tom’s, Ballycastle & this came to mind this morning.

Track 10: Murphys Hornpipe!


…and here’s Kathleen’s tune.

Please give her my regards next time you see her, Dick, and say I hope to see her in Miltown, as usual.

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Track 9…..

…inevitably connects to the wrong “Gold Ring”. They play the jig in “D”, not the biggger one in “G”.
Link here :

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Track…. 13

… is 2 jigs, not 1. Can’t identify the first just now, but I’ve put in the second one, “Gillan’s Apples”.

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Just wanted to note this album is currently available in MP3 on and possibly iTunes, but is (at least on Amazon today) mislabeled as “Cherish the Ladies” by Cherish the Ladies. I’m listening right now…

Cherish The Ladies

I wonder why this album was not on The Session.

Re: Cherish The Ladies

Oops. Please ignore my last post.
It’s a different album but, for some reason, the sleeve has come up in the Itunes link which is obviously wrong and doesn’t relate to the tracks listed here.
Sorry again!