By Sean Moloney

  1. The Ashplant
    The Mountain Lark
    The Sailor On The Rock
  2. Banish Misfortune
    Tommy Whelan’s
  3. An Buachaill Dreoite
    Lord Moira
  4. Paddy Fahey’s
    Paddy Fahey’s
  5. The Tinker’s Daughter
    Devanney’s Goat
  6. Sliabh Na MBan
    Se Fath Mo Bhuartha
  7. The Homes Of Kinattycasey
    Pound Hill
  8. The Banks Of Newfoundland
    Nora Criona
    Mick’s Delight
  9. Sergeant Early’s Dream
    Leddy From Cavan
  10. Martin Mulhaire’s
    La Cosa Mulligan
  11. In Memory Of Coleman
    The Tuam
  12. The Banks
    The Pleasures Of Home
  13. A Trip In The Meadows
    Mrs. Carolan’s
  14. The Train Journey
  15. An Chuilin
  16. Master McDermott’s
    The Kylebrack Rambler
    The Controversial
  17. Down In Abbey
    Mol Kelly’s Auld Sow
  18. The Old Road To Garry
    Eddie Moloney’s
    Darby’s Farewell To London
  19. The Mills Are Grinding
    The Milliner’s Daughter
  20. The Boy On The Hilltop
    Johnny Going To The Ceili
  21. The Graf Spey
    The High Road To Galway
  22. The Black Lough
    The Coming Of Spring
  23. Farewell To Ireland
    The Flying Column

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Sean Moloney: Potsticks

Sean Moloney is from the well-know musical family of Ballinakill, East Galway. His grandfather Stephen and his father Eddie were both very influential flute players around the area. On this solo album Sean recorded lots of tunes deeply associated with the East Galway tradition.

I was quite fortunate to hear him playing flutes a couple of years ago in Sligo. In the workshop I joined for the whistle lesson, Sean was teaching flute. One night he gave us a lecture on his father Eddie’s music, and after that he played some sets of tunes by himself. I was completely fascinated by his elegant East Galway style playing and started fancying playing flute.

This is a gorgeous recording. It has 23 tracks and more than half of them are unaccompanied solo playing. You can sample a couple of tracks in Claddagh Records website: http://www.claddaghrecords.com/www/product.asp?pID=1719&cID=15 He also released another recording "Music on the Wind" at the same time. That should be great too.

His website will be available soon: http://www.seanmoloney.com

I noticed what he recorded as an uncommon setting of "The Sailor on the Rock" on the first track is actually "My Maryanne." I changed the track list.

I think I’m really addicted to this album. Once I play the first track, I can’t help listening untill the very last one. Of course, there’re many other fine flute solo recordings, but this one is very special. It’s full of less known tunes and beautiful flute playings which are absolutely free from distracting accompaniment. And its length is really unusual. If you’re a flute player, you’ll be completely ecstasic while listening to this enormously long recording.

Http://www.seanmoloney.com/ ~ WARNING!!!

For the moment I’d avoid Sean Moloney’s website as there are digital gremlins at work and it causes things to freeze-up… But, you can still enjoy his music without the digital mayhem…

Gremlins hide in wait ~ click and wait ~ there are still problems with this website, but some pages load with patience…

Track 14 query…

I’ve just had a listen to some tracks on this recording, which I don’t have the sleeve notes for, and was very taken by Track 14 - "The Train Journey", which is 1 of only 2 tunes which hasn’t been posted here. It’s not a tune I’ve ever come across anywhere - can anyone tell me if it’s an original composition by Stephen Moloney, or provide any details about the reel from the sleeve notes ?
PS - in case any Scottish musician sees this, it’s nothing at all to do with Tom [ piper ]Anderson’s "Train Journey North"

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Sorry for mixing up my Moloneys - many thanks for that information, Stephen. I look forward to having a look at the website. All the best, Kenny

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Paddy Fahey’s

I have checked out the abc for the above tune on Sean’s Potsticks Album but I don’t think any relate to the tune he plays, is he maybe playing a Bb bass Flute?