The Best Of Séamus Tansey

By Seamus Tansey

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The Best of Famous Seamus

Recorded in 1971 in Belfast with Josie Keegan on piano .Sean McGuire is credited as musical Director!Available now on C.D. As far as I know-great playing.

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I should get this one along with solo albums of Eamonn Cotter and Fintan Vallely. But, I’m running out of money at the moment.

I’ve heard Tansey play “Willie Coleman’s” and follow it with “Tone Rowe’s” [ I think his name was actually “Tunra” ], and he also recorded “Strike The Gay Harp” followed by “Shores Of Lough Gowna” with the Coleman Country Ceili Band. The sets look right to me , but I have the recording, and will check for you.

On the CD edition, track 2 and track 9 are mixed up. So, what’s called “Brendan Tone Rowe’s” on it is actually “The Shore of Lough Gowna,” and what’s called “The Shore of Lough Gowna” is “Brendan Tone Rowe’s.”

But there’s more……….

“Strike The Gay Harp” followed by “Shores etc..” is actually track 2 on both the CD I have and on the original LP record. “Willie Coleman’s” is track 9, and it’s followed by a jig I know as “Brendan Coombe’s”, which is the name given to it by the late, much-missed Donncha O’Brien. It may be a composition of Brendan Tunra, I’m not sure, but the tune is in here somewhere. I’ll try to find it for you.

CD available cheap.

Look for a 10-cd budget set called “Celtic Souls” (I got it for $13.99 on Amazon). The set consists of OUTLET records and includes this “Best of Seamus Tansey”. It also has Finbarr Dwyer (The one called “Ireland’s Traditional Accordion Player”),
and the the John & James Kelly record they made as teenagers. Also the Peg McGrath et al “Cherish the Ladies”, and two “Best of Irish Traditional” samplers that have many good tracks.

#1 of 10 CDs ~ “Celtic Souls: Irish Celtic Ballads & Traditional Music”

10 CDs for a fiver (£5) ~ 😎

The previsous link no longer exists. Here’s the information on the set and links to the other recordings:

* 1.) “Séamus Tansey: Traditional Irish Music”
~ also issued as “The Best of Séamus Tansey”

2.) Finbarr Dwyer: Pure Traditional Irish Accordion Music

3.) John & James Kelly: Irish Traditional Fiddle Music (& friends)

4.) “Tara Folk: Folksongs of Ireland”
~ not on site as yet, primarily songs

5.) “Best Of Irish Ceili Music”

6.) “Rince: Complete Irish Dancing Set”
~ also issued as “First Steps and Beyond”
~ not on site as yet

7 & 8.) “Festival Of Traditional Irish Music, Volumes 1 & 2”

9.) “Cherish The Ladies: Peg McGrath, Mary Mulholland & Kathleen Smyth”

10.) “Armagh Pipers’ Club: Song of the Chanter”

Tone Rowe’s

The jig sound like a version of Sean Ryan’s composition, “A Thousand Farewell”: Be sure to read the comments by LongNote and edl.

Less than the price of a pint……

You can download this complete album - albeit with the tracks in a different order - on “iTunes” for £2.99.

Re: The Best Of Séamus Tansey

Recently bought it in Oxfam for £1.99. Looking through all the cds very rarely pays off.