By De Danann

  1. The Wren’s Nest
    The Cordal
  2. Let It Be
  3. Johnston’s
  4. Connie From Constantinople
    Boil The Kettle Early
  5. Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye
  6. Ríl An Spidéal
    The Twelve Pins
  7. Anthem For Ireland
  8. Jimmy Byrne’s
  9. Diglake Fields
  10. Duo In G
  11. Paddy’s Lamentation

Four comments

I can’t understand why there are no comments…

Well actually I can.
Frankie Gavin: Fiddle, Flute, Vioal, Piano
Alec Finn: Bouzouki, Guitar
Martin OÇonnor:

Martin OÇonnor: Accordion
Johnny McDonagh: Bodhran
Mary Bergin: Whistle
Jackie Daly; Accordion
Mary Black: Vocals
Dolores Keane: Vocals
Maura OÇonnell: Vocals

Recorded 1985.

Re: Anthem

Greenwiggle is right.

Why aren’t there more comments on this album, one of the classic De Dannan albums?

Some may ponder that this may represent the first downward slide into the septic tank of De Dannan’s later commercial successes.

However, such scatological comparisons may wither when the listener is confronted by the bravura of a succession of bold musical statements, all the way from the opening track The Wren’s Nest, one of Gavin’s own, through Let It Be, attempting, and succeeding, IMV, to rival The Beatles’ own version, via Johnston’s H/P (an unusual 3-part version of an old Scottish tune [Bobby Gardiner had a 5-part version, but no matter]) then some classic reels, a song by Mary Black, followed by a set of slower Charlie Lennon reels.

As an art not a science, you are undoubtedly aware that music is subjective to the observer’s interpretation. So, for me, the “centrepiece” Charlie Lennon reels define this album. Other listeners, as centrepieces, may lay claim to the lively Jimmie Byrnes/Dinkies reels set, the profound yet undoubtedly ubiquitous sadness of Johnnie I Hardly Knew Ye, or even the complex yet wonderfully elevating version of Giuliani’s Duo in G…..but no matter……basically it’s all good. And that includes the tracks Diglake Fields and Paddy’s Lamentation. Sad, but focusing us to remember where we came from, and to respect other newer residents in our own countries.

My considered opinion is that it’s a(n under-rated) masterpiece of an album.