Wooden Flute Obsession: Volume 2, Disc 1

By Various Artists

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44 artists
97 tunes
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Kevin Krell, Executive Director of International Traditional Music Society, Inc., has put together a second wonderful compilation of IT flutists. Well, perhaps "compilation" is not the correct word because many of the tracks on these CDs (see also WFO Volume 2, Disc 2) were recorded specifically for this wonderful project. A variety of playing styles are represented and are presented in a way that shows the richness of this diversity. The artists included on this CD are (in order of the listed tracks):

Brendyn Montgomery
Damien Stenson
Tara Diamond
Billy Clifford
Brian Lennon
Kevin Crawford
John Creaven
Mick Loftus
Emer Mayock
Duncan Davidson
Desi Wilkinson
Mike McHale
Claire Mann
Brian Finnegan and Sarah Allen
Dan Gordon
Michael Clarkson
Elaine Jeffreys
Dermot Grogan
Tom McElvogue
Gary Hastings
Harry McGowan
Michael Hynes

More details about the above artists as well as other information about WFO Volume 1 can be found at http://www.worldtrad.org


Ooh, I want this album so badly!!! And the first one too! It’s such an awesome idea, I wish they had it for other instruments too. I’ll probably buy it when I get my flute. Not too much longer hopefully!