Scottish Violin Music -Volume 1

By Hector MacAndrew

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  1. Sir William Wallace
    Tulchan Lodge
    The Burn O’ Forgue
  2. Mrs Jamieson’s Favourite
  3. Mrs Major Stewart Of Java
    Madam Frederick
    Earl Gray
    The Waverley Ball
  4. Auld Robin Gray
  5. J O Forbes Of Corse
    Mar Castle
    Miss Laura Andrew
    The Hawk
  6. Bonnie Glenfarg
  7. Niel Gow’s Lament for his Second Wife
    Craigellachie Brig
    The Fairy Dance
  8. Rose Acre
  9. Bovaglie’s Plaid
    The Athol’s Highlander’s March
    The Marquis Of Huntley’s Farewell
  10. Chapel Keithack
  11. Captain Campbell
  12. The Glories Of The Star
    The Trumpet

Three comments

A 1963 Mono Recording on Waverley records

I have had this l.p. for many years and it still gives me a buzz every time I play it -Superb tone,great playing,lovely music-i.m.h.o.
a great album of fiddle music by ANY standards.

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Would love to find a copy.

I listened to this recording endlessly as a
youth, but unfortunately no longer have a copy.
If anyone knows where I can obtain a copy,
please contact me at U.S. phone number