Memories Of Sligo

By Roger Sherlock

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  1. The Turnpike Gate
    The Killavil Fancy
  2. Dowd’s No.9
    Jack Maguire’s
  3. The Duke Of Leinster
    The Duke Of Leinster’s Wife
  4. Morrison’s
    The Trip To Sligo
  5. Fred Finn’s
    The Sailor On The Rock
    The Old Pensioner
  6. The Return Of Spring
    The Mountain Path
  7. The Queen Of May
  8. The Pinch Of Snuff
    The Ships Are Sailing
  9. The Dairymaid
    The Rising Sun
    Tom Billy’s
    The Galtee Rangers
  10. The Galway Rambler
    The Boys Of The Lough
  11. The Foxhunter’s
    Comb Your Hair And Curl It
  12. The Lads Of Laois
    Mamma’s Pet
  13. The Dash To Portobello
    The Pigeon On The Gate
  14. Tripping To The Well
    The Kiss Behind The Door
  15. The Flowers Of Redhill
    The Street Player

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Roger Sherlock

A rather obscure recording this, on the London "Inchecronin" label. I’d say a bit restrained compared to other Sligo players like Seamus Tansey, but a fine collection of standard flute tunes. The first flute class I went to in Miltown Malbay was taught by Roger Sherlock and P.J.Crotty - a couple of gentlemen, and great players.

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In the comments to the Turnpike Gate mention was made of the inaccuracy of the titles here. They’re actually pretty good, but those aren’t Schottisches, rather it’s the Coleman medley of slip jigs: The Foxhunter and Comb Your Hair and Curl it. Likewise "Killoran’s" polkas are actually a set from McKenna and Meehan’s 78: Tripping to the Well, The Kiss Behind the Door.

Lovely record altogether.

The Sean Ryan’s here is the reel "Dash to Portobello". Also the order of some of the tunes on some tracks is different from that on my copy of the record but I assume these are typo’s

Also the first tune on the last set is actually "The Flowers of the Red Mill" rather than "Flowers of Redhill"


I’ve updated the track listing for this recording, after listening to the record again. What’s listed here now is what is actually played on my copy of the record, irrespective of the sleeve notes. I had the 2 reels on track 2 the wrong way round, and have added in the 2 slip jigs [ Track 11 ] and the 2 polkas
[ Track 14 ].
Is that download legal, out of curiousity ?

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