Song Of The Irish Whistle 2

By Joanie Madden

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Homesteaders tune

Hi all.

Can somebody submit or post the Homesteaders tune? Or at least some link to its location in sheet music (any format)…

I really love it. I came to know it is also part of the soundtrack of the movie “The Way West”. This soundtrack is actually in an album by Brian Keane.

Thanks a lot.

Homesteaders tune

Hello César, you asked in such a nice and intelligent way, you wrote that request in such a dedicated and vigorous way that I have no choice but to figure out the tune and post it for you here.

By the way, it’s a really nice tune you are really clever to ask for it…

(Talking to yourself is the first sign of insanity. But writing to yourself is ok I guess… no?)

Correct album title

Correct album title should be Song (not Songs) of the Irish Whistle, volume 2.

Also Charlie Mulvihill’s …

… not Mulvihille’s