The Edge Of Silence

By Solas

  1. Darkness, Darkness
  2. Charmy Chaplin
  3. Prelude #1
    Black Annis
  4. Who’s In The What Now
  5. Dignity
  6. The Poisonjester’s Mask
  7. Maybe In A Prayer
  8. Beck Street
  9. Clothes Of Sand
  10. Prelude #2
    Georgia Lee

Six comments

What is this CD?

From the CD track listings, I can’t make heads or tails of any of the content. Could any of you say a shred more about it?

Now I know.

Do You like Solas? I love their first four albums. Unfortunatley I bought the fifth. This CD is a huge diversion from the music that made them. It sounds very mainstream. If they have established this as their destination then I have to bail out.

If Solas can earn a mainstream audience with this CD - more power to them. Let them get filthy rich. Maybe they get a Grammy out of it.

For my perspective, I now own a Solas CD that is worthless to me. I don’t like to search for a slight hint of Irish traditional music - I like to be bowled over by it.


Yeah - earlier this year there was a new trad tv program being filmes for TG4, me and a friend went along as it was free in with a free pint and some awesome trad music, Micheal O’Raillaeagh (???), Lunasa and solas - lets just say me and my friend did not even wait until they finished their sound check. Scary scene of electric and bass guitars, drum kit - heard the first little bit and decided that if its trad that you want to hear then it is really not getting anything new from solas.

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Mmm. This is quite nice CD, but, as you say, not traditional at all.
In my opinion, this kind of approach is much better than pseudo-traditional one. You know, so many bands carelessly try to mix the traditional music with other kinds to appeal the ignorant audience.
The members of this band are quite talented, so I expect they will be back to the pure traditional music again.

Drum kits…

and bass guitars - oh dear. But I have to defend Lunasa - it’s not trad format but it *is* terrific music, and there’s nothing un-trad about the melody instruments. I wasn’t sure about the bowed bass - till I heard them live, and it won me over straight away - he’s a very subtle player. It works for me!

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Funny about this CD

I gave the CD to my wife and she loves it! If I didn’t want to hear it so much - I should have kept it. That is my slight shred of evidence about the mainstream attraction of this CD.

I retract my earlier comment - the CD is certainly not worthless.