The Green Hills Of Clare

By The Crehan Family And Carl Corcoran

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The Green Hills of Clare

Recorded in Trend Studios, Dublin, 1973 on EMI (IRELAND). ISLE 3003 STEREO.

Since I don’t have anything better to do right now, I migth as well copy the text on the back of it…

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The Crehan Family and Carl Corcoran

The very musical Crehan Family first came to international prominence in 1970 when they successfully competed in the T.V. Times competition “Opportunity Knocks”. A short time later their first album on EMI “The Crehan Family” was issued and achieved notable sales. More recently this first album was released on Music for Pleasure (MFP 50025) and is enjoying a new lease of popularity.

In the last three years there has been a growing demand for their appearance on the concert and cabaret stages in the United Kingdom and the Irish cultural centers in America such as Boston and New York. The repertoire for this new album is drawn from those songs, airs, reels and jigs which attracted the most applause from their audience everywhere.

Each member of the Crehans is an accomplished musician in his or her own right. Claire just recently completed her second tour with the world famous comedian and violinist Jack Benny. Brother Dermot has become a member of the Radio Telefis Eireann Orchestra while continuing his advanced violin studies under Prof. V. Vanecek of the London College of Music. Kieran and Claire both still study at the College of Music in Dublin.

Upon listening to this recording the Crehans‘ dedication to perfection is clearly evident. When the quality of musicianship is so high it becomes difficult to choose what is outstanding from among the very varied selections. However, there are some particular tracks worthy of special note. The first is “The Wild Geese” a hauntingly gentle slow air which captures in music the feeling of regret and sorrow the Earls of yesteryear must have experienced when leaving their native land. The second is the “Willie Coleman Jig Selection” sharply contrasting “The Wild Geese” in its vitality and excitement reminiscent of a typical ceili evening out. It is not surprising that this set is one of the Crehans’ most requested numbers on the cabaret circuit. A lovely piping effect is achieved by the three fiddlers for the “Rory O’Moore” slow march which was composed for the High King of Laoise many centuries ago.

The title track “The Green Hills of Clare” is beautifully interpreted by Carl Corcoran. It is a Clareman’s nostalgic reflection upon the land he loved and had to leave. The Crehans are Clare folk and this song has particular significance for them as it will for Claremen wherever they are.

One must not close without pointing out the first class drumming and acoustic guitar which are the essence of the progressive style that distinguishes the Crehan sound from the many traditional Irish groups around.

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Some of the tracks sound a bit weird in my ears, particularly the “first class drumming”, not to mention the electric bass (!)…

But hey, records are fun. 🙂

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I should also mention…

…that track 3 is Tommy People’s jig and that track 9 is a set with Foxhunter’s slip jig and reel.

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Re: The Green Hills Of Clare

That bass guitar and drums ruined the sound 3 superb fiddlers produced!!