Here And There

By Seamus Connolly

Added by heike .

  1. Reel Le Blanc
    Pat The Budgie
    Reel L’Aveugle (Reel Of The Blindmen)
  2. Larry’s Delight
  3. Dominick McCarthy’s Irish
    Saunder’s Fort
  4. I’ll Always Remember You
  5. Dr. Gilbert
    The Flax In Bloom
  6. Miss Mountan’s
    Sheila Coyle’s
  7. The Bells Of Congress
    Dance For The Haymaker
    Kitty O’Brien
  8. Marian McCarthy
    Jockey To The Fair
  9. The Thirteen Arches
    Thoughts Of Carignan
  10. The Man In The Bog
    O’Brien From Newtown
  11. Carraigin Ruadh
  12. Earl Gray
    Mrs. Macinroy Of Lude
    The Spey In Spate

Three comments

Brilliant playing

Tommy Hayes (percussion)
Barbara Magone, Gilles Losier, Helen Kisiel (piano)
Mick Moloney
Martin Connolly (accordian)
Jill Hazard (bass)
Debbie Thompson (cello)
Kathleen Guilday (harp)
Dancer Deirdre Goulding

Wanted - Seamus Connolly ‘Here and There’

I’ve had no luck at all trying to find a copy of this. He doesn’t even sell them from his website!

Has anyone any suggestions?

Many thanks.

My suggestion would be, see him live and nab one up : P

Just saw him last night and got ‘Notes from my Mind’. Only had so much dough!