The 3rd Irish Folk Festival

By Jackie Daly, Seamus Creagh, De Danann, Andy Irvine, Treasa ni Mhiollain, Clannad

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The 3rd Irish Folk Festival

Recorded in 1976 (Intercord Double LP)

A rare recording of Andy Irvine with De Dannan, in which he was briefly a member.

Wrong Dinny O’Brien here

The tune after Martinmas Time on this album was Dinny O’Brien’s Hornpipe ; the Dinny O’Brien’s here on this record listing is incorrectly linked to the Dinny O’Brien reel.

Why not post it yourself?

Slainte & Kenny, thanks for the tips

Thanks for the tips guys on how to make my comments more constructive, although I thought Kenny’s was more constructive than Slainte’s. Sorry about not including the links. I had just found the name of the tune after playing it for years without a name. It is difficult to search for it here if you cannot write out the ABC’s to search against. I finally found the old vinyl record sleeve !!!!

You’re welcome, Kevin, - but you don’t have to do it with "abcs". What you could do is do a "search" on either "Dinny" or "O’Brien" , under "hornpipes " as the tune type, and if it’s here, the link will show up. We do try to help here - cheers!

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Sorry Kevin for a bit unfriendly comment. Obviously, many of Paddy Fahy tunes suffer the same problem on this site.

Who does what…..

The list of performers hasn’t been posted yet - I’ll do that soon, but it includes Jackie Daly in partnership with Seamus Creagh whom sadly it seems that we lost yesterday. A huge loss to traditional Irish music - a great musician, a great wit, and a gentleman. I do remember when Seamus introduced a set here he said something along the lines of "If you are going to clap along, please do so in time !".

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Tracks 1 - 3 = Jacky Daly
4 - 5 = Jacky Daly with Seamus Creagh
6 - 8 = Treasa ni Mhiollain [ singer ]
9 - 13 = "De Danann" with Andy Irvine
14 - 15 = Treasa ni Mhiollain
16 - 18 = Seamus Creagh
19 - 20 = Seamus Creagh with Jacky Daly
21 - 24 = "Clannad"
25 - 27 = everyone

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On iTunes

Just noticed that this double LP can be downloaded through iTunes. There’s some great playing on it from all involved.

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