Voyager: Ireland’s Tin Whistle

By Various Artists

  1. Bench Of Rushes
  2. First House In Connaught
  3. The Copper Plate
  4. Leangh Sidhe
  5. The Thrush In The Straw
  6. The Cuckoo’s Nest
  7. Gol Na Mban’ San Ar
  8. Hogan’s Favorite
  9. The Connaughtman’s Ramble
  10. The Lark In The Morning
  11. When The Cock Crows
  12. Over The Mountain
  13. The Lowlands Of Holland
  14. Kitty McGee
  15. Mrs. McGrath
  16. Trish Rover
  17. Peggy Lettermore
  18. Roddy McCorley
  19. I’ll Tell My Ma
  20. Fossy Dew
  21. The Old Orange Flute
  22. The Holy Ground
  23. Bonty Bay
  24. Fancy Melody

Six comments

Not a bad little album for the cost ($7).

Who are the whistle players?

Uillean whistles

I just has listen to the samples at Amazon - 3 out of 5 samples are played with a very strange sounding tine whistle - are these the famous Irish Bagpipe Whistles?


Who are the pipers?

The piper sounds like Seamus Ennis, though this is just judging from samples as well.

It is Ennis, as the first track, “A Little Bench Of Rushes” is also the opening track on his album The Bonny Bunch Of Roses.