The Master Pipers Volume 1

By Johnny Doran

Three comments

This is more than just a CD reissue of these famed recordings, the only ones we have of the great traveling piper Johnny Doran, for producers Terry Moylan, Harry Bradshaw, Pat Mitchell, and Jackie Small have restored the recordings magnificently and re-packaged the CD with extensive notes on Doran’s life and music, making this infinitely superior to the old cassette which had been making the rounds in past years.

Johnny Doran: The masters pipers volume 1

I had the tape years ago and have just bought the CD from the pipers club - This has to be one of the finest piping CD’s ever released. The clean up from the origional acetate recordings (1947) lets us hear what a true master Johnny Doran really was, a real genius. The cover notes by Jackie Small, Pat Mitchell, Harry Bradshaw are informative and just add to the excellent pakage as a whole. A must have CD in my book! A note for pipers- is that c natural on Rakish Paddy a note to die for or what?

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