Dancing On Silver

By Tim Collins

  1. Kit O’Mahony’s
    Paidín Ó Raifearta
  2. The Rakish HIghlander
    Lavin’s Favourite
    Bill McEvoy’s
  3. Callaghan’s
    Down The Glen
  4. Seán Mháire Mhicilín
    First Month Of Spring
    Ann McKeckney’s
  5. Ní Ar Chnoc Ná Ar Ísleacht
  6. Feeding The Birds
    The Chattering Magpie
    The Wind That Shakes The Barley
  7. Dan Curtin’s
    Bridgie Con Matts
    The H Note
  8. Moran’s Fancy
    The Garden Of Daisies
  9. Patsy Tuohey’s
    Barr Na Cuille
    Tie The Bonnet
  10. John McHugh’s
    Port Na mBráithre
  11. The Corofin Departure
    The Thrush In The Storm
  12. Patrick O’Connor’s
    Tom Billy’s
  13. An Caoineadh
  14. Breathnach’s
    Kitty Come Down From Limerick
  15. First House In Connacht
    Sweeney’s Favourite
    The Daisy Field

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Dancing on Silver by Tim Collins

Thanks for posting this one, Geoff.
Tim Collins´ playing is breathtakingly good. He is one of the relatively few concertina players to play in a ceili band (The Kilfenora). Chris Droney is the other one (The Four Courts) that I know of, although there might be a few more out there.
There are many really good concertina players around now and the standard is very high indeed, but any concertina player at any stage of the learning curve should get this album.
He´s also a helluva nice guy and a born teacher with the patience of a saint!
He teaches at the Mrs Crotty concertina festival held in Kilrush, Co.Clare, 18-22 Aug. this year.
Tim´s website says it all.

Dancing on Silver by Tim Collins

I love this recording. Really good playing, a good selection of tunes, and good accompaniment. The only problem I have with it is the low drone of the pipes that starts in the middle of Selection 5 (Ní ar Chnoc Ná ar Ísleacht). The first time I noticed it was when I was playing it from an mp3 file I had made (192 kbps, 44.1 kHz) and I thought someone’s mic was shorting out. Just to be sure, I listened to it directly from the CD. It does sound like pipes on the disk but now I find it distracting because I can’t help thinking about a broken mic when I hear it. It probably sounds fine live though.


I fully recommend this album for just about any traditional Irish musician. There really is nothing to dislike about it. I don’t often buy concertina albums but after hearing Tim playing with Brian McNamara on “Reed Only” I decided to invest and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. The tunes are fantastic, supporting act is top class and his rhythm is pretty amazing too. Get this!

Out of stock

Doesn’t seem to be in stock anywhere anymore. Does anybody have any idea where I can purchase it? Tim is one of my favourite concertina players and -teachers.

Re: Dancing On Silver

Track 4:3 came from Simon Thoumire.

Track 5 came from uilleann piper Brian McNamara who had himself learned it from the whistle-player Donncha Ó Briain.

Tracks 7:3 and 11 are Tim’s own compositions.

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