Runaway Sunday

By Altan

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Runaway Sunday

One of the best recordings by Altan, in my opinion.

but as stated on the insert notes this tune is of Scottish origin and is to be found in the Athole Collection

Unfortunately the other tunes in the set are not listed in this data base, although different tunes of the same name are to be found.

I’m sure all of them can be found on this site.

“Ciaran’s Capers” - Altan (Runaway Sunday)

Hello All,

Just curious if the second jig in this set was ever posted to this site - the first one apparenlty was (under Jim Ward’s, I believe).


Re: Runaway Sunday

There appears to be a track missing from this list, between track 6. I Wish My Love Was A Red, Red Rose and 7.
Australian Waters: Missing Track 7 is Mazurka on copies I have seen. Anyone know which Mazurka?