Open House

By Kevin Burke

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Lovely playing by ‘the master’ - as usual. Funny to see how Mickey the Moulder (‘composed by the Murphy Family’) is just The Connaughtman’s Rambles, apart from one note.

Similarities and more

The first part of ‘Porter for Three’ is ver much alike the first part of the reel ‘the Morning Star’.
‘Barn Dances’ also appeared on Burke’s first recording, there called ‘polkas’, where Michael Coleman called them scottiches…..
‘Frailach’ is called ‘Itzikel’ on Kevin Burke in Concert.

Having a Good Time Here

I’m a big fan of KB. I had the 3rd Open House album for awhile before I got this one, which is the best of the 3 I feel. Maybe I like it better because it’s all instrumental. Not that I don’t like the songs on the others, but they make it a bit bitty for me.

Kevin Burke just sounds like he’s having such a good time playing on this one. I think they must have been on a bit of a musical high when they made this one - and it shows. The fiddling is as artistic as you’d expect, and wonderfully sweet and exhuberant. It’s becoming a real favourite.

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Track 7 Gan Ainm

Any idea what the name of the first reel on track 7 is? It is very familiar to me, yet I can’t place it.

Track 7, 2nd reel : it’s not Queen of May

Track 7, 2nd reel : it’s not Queen of May as mentionned on the album but Green Fields of Rossbeigh ! I corrected the link to the actual reel in the above list of tunes.

Re: Open House

From what I can find, this was first released on Green Linnet in 1992, then remastered and reissued following the sale of Green Linnet. There’s no information about the reissue date in the CD materials and Compass doesn’t have it on their website. I even tried calling them up and they didn’t have that information available. Anyone know of a place I might find that?

Re: Open House

This was actually released as a Kevin Burke solo album (as the correct Apple Music link depicts above).

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