The Dangerous Reel

By Mike And Mary Rafferty

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  1. The Road To Ballinakill
    Barrel Rafferty’s
  2. Aughamore
    Rafferty’s Mustache
  3. The Stolen
    Feeding The Birds
  4. Down The Back Lane
  5. Fanny Powers
    The Shores Of Loughrea
    Jack Coughlan’s Fancy
  6. Rick’s
  7. The Caucus
  8. The Hag In The Kiln
    Dominick Rooney’s
  9. The Trip To Parliament
    The Torn Jacket
  10. Saving The Hay
    The Dangerous
  11. Aggie Whyte’s
    The High
  12. The Hills Of Larraga
  13. Sean McGlynn’s Fancy
    Joe Madden’s
  14. The Mills Are Grinding
    The Milliner’s Daughter
  15. O’Brien’s
    The Rambles Of Joe Burke
  16. The Chattering Magpie
    The Flax In Bloom
  17. The Shaskeen
    The Lonesome
  18. The Conspiracy
    The Invasion
  19. The Thrush In The Meadow
    Joe Burke’s
  20. The Concert
    Captain Rock’s

Three comments

First album from this father-daughter pair who play charmingly well music from Mike Rafferty’s native East Galway tradition. With guitar accompaniments by Gabe O’Donoghue.