The Crooked River

By Nicholas Williams

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  1. The Foxhunter
  2. La Riviere
  3. Jig D’Egoutage
    Requiem Pour Le Pendu
  4. Farewell To Viola
    The Girl From Edinburgh
    Salmon Beds
  5. Sourgrass And Granite
  6. The Crazy Eyed Reels
  7. The Crooked River
  8. The Imp’s Limp
  9. Valse Du Loup
    Polka A Paul
    Polka A Brian
  10. La Riviere
  11. Reel Du Montebello
    La Gigue De La Marianne Alfreda
    Reel De La Belle Ville
    Little Jimmy Stephens
  12. Updraft
  13. Dreams Of A Better World

Two comments

Canadian Nicholas Williams certainly knows his way around a flute.

I can’t recommend this album enough - the things he does with traditional reels is jaw-dropping stuff, and his own compositions - with what I think are strong French (Breton? French Canadian?) influences - are exciting to listen to but thrilling to play!

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