The Kilmore Fancy

By Catherine McEvoy And John McEvoy

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The Kilmore Fancy by Catherine & John McEvoy

This is a great sister and brother duet album. Accompanied by Felix Doland on piano, their flute/fiddle duets are very polished, tight, and simply beautiful.

Most of the tunes are taken from the West parts of Ireland such as Roscommon, Sligo, Galway, and Clare while there are some of John’s compositions included. You’ll also find unusual settings of some well-known tunes.

I think this album will remain one of the top 3 recordings of this year.

P.S. They play the second tune of the first track as "The Flowers of the Redhill," but I believe that’s a mistake. It’s identical to what Paul McGrattan and Paul O’Shaughnessy recorded as the Sligo version of "Wild Irishman," but I don’t know the real title of the tune.

Flowers of Redhill

I’ve heard the track you mean and the second tune IS called the Flowers of Redhill, though I understand it shares that name with at least one other tune. The notes of this tune have appeared with that title in various publications.

"The Jug of Punch" on this CD is not the usual Dm tune.

Fabuous recording of one of my favourite flute players. Nice and easy to listen to. Track 2 is the Flowers of the Red Mill which is considerabley different to Flowers of Red Hill. Flowers of the Red Mill is also known as Anderson’s (but not the one in Dmaj that is also very common).

Re: The Kilmore Fancy

Magical playing, best duet I have ever heard