By Any Old Time

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Matt Cranitch (fiddle), Dave Hennessy (melodeon), Mick Daly (vocals, Guitar, Banjo). Not great but worth posting.

Track 4 link correction

The title of the first tune in track 4, Toormore, is correct, but I noticed it’s linking to the wrong tune on this site. Currently, it’s linking to a polka, The Maid of Ardagh, with Toormore given as an alternate name.

Actually, the tune titled Toormore on this album is a slide also know as The House Party. It’s listed here when I search the tune section under Toormore, but I’m not sure how to change this recording section to cross refer to the correct tune. (If that’s even possible. ) The Toormore Slide is in Matt Cranitch’s fiddle book, by the way.

Great stuff!

Just listening to a couple of my favourite slides on this recording and I noticed the first comment back in 2004: “not great”

All I can say is that is the boys have matured well and they sound great to me! I treasure a short recording of them off the radio playing the O’Dowd’s Favourite set live somewhere - probably the most exciting playing I’ve ever heard. If anyone has more recordings from that live broadcast I’d love to hear them.

“matured” ?

.“Matured” ??? I would have thought all 3 musicians were in their 40s when they made this recording. They were all great players then, and still are, “Celtic1234” is entitled to his/her opinion, but I disagree. There’s some great music on this record.


Just noticed - if you download from “iTunes”, you can get this whole album for £3.99. Recommended.

Re: Phoenix

Rediscovered this album recently. Excellent fiddle and box playing. A great selection of tunes. Nice songs as well, but for me personally I have to be in the mood for some of them.

Re: Phoenix

I have to agree with the OP
These guys are not great. They are top class players.

Re: Phoenix

The first tune of number 4, Toormore should link to the slide. Not the polka.