On Two Levels

By Sean McGuire

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  1. The Low Level
    The High Level
  2. Johnny McGoohan’s
    The Aughamore
  3. Coleman’s
  4. Paddy Cronin’s
    The Earl’s Chair
  5. Murphy’s
  6. Blind Mary
  7. The Maid Behind The Bar
  8. Spellan’s Inspiration
  9. The Jolly Seven
    Colonel Rodney
  10. O’Mealy’s
    The Flag Of Dunsany
  11. Thomond Bridge
    The Negro Sand Dance
  12. Planxty Drury
  13. Colonel Frazer
  14. Oliver Reilly’s
    The Moving Cloud

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On Two Levels

Recorded in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1978 on the `Rubber` label,with Josephine Keegan on Piano.A very laid back album by Sean`s standards!

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