When Juniper Sleeps

By Seamus Egan

  1. The Winding Hills
    The Whinney Hills Of Leitrim
    Ellen O’Grady
  2. Weep Not For The Memories
  3. The Mason’s Apron
    My Love Is In America
  4. The Lark
  5. Mick O’Connor’s
  6. Along The Way
  7. When Juniper Sleeps
  8. Faubert’s Lilt
  9. Farewell To Glasgow
  10. To An Old Rose
  11. When Last We Met
  12. The Czar Of Munster
  13. Lullaby

Seven comments

Winding Hills?

Great album overall. I would just like to know what the first jig in the Winding Hills track is.

When Juniper Sleeps, track 8

Just noticed after all these years that the last tune on the track titled "Faubert’s Lilt" is "Off in the Morning".

Can a brotha get an ID for the first tune in the Faubert’s Lilt set?