Hidden Fermanagh Vol.2

By Various Artists

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  1. The Humours Of Swanlinbar
  2. The Town Of Swanlinbar
  3. It’s A Hard Road To Travel
    The Boys Of Twenty Five
  4. Hetty’s Wishes
    Hand Me Down The Tacklings
  5. Mick Hoy’s Jig Away The Donkey
    Swing Swang
  6. Green-Robed Inisfail
  7. McCormack’s
    Eddie Duffy’s Lannigan’s Ball
  8. The Second Hand Trousers I Bought In Belcoo
  9. Lady Anne Montgomery
    The Loon Lasses
  10. The Tenpenny Bit
    The High Geese In The Bog
  11. Erin The Green
  12. The Wrecking
    Handsome Sally
    Sally Kelly’s
  13. Jemmy Duffy’s Barn Dances
  14. Saddle The Pony
    The Rambling Pitchfork
    The Black Rogue
  15. Bessy The Beauty Of Rossinure Hill

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More of the same

See comments made for Vol.1. 10 sets and 5 songs, all locally-based in Co. Fermanagh, and not that many of the tunes well-known, apart from the few which Cathal McConnell has recorded on his own and with "Boys Of The Lough". Simple arrangements, and great performances from all concerned. The book, and the 1st CD were so good that I bought this on sight when it was launched at the Willie Clancy week, and was not disappointed. Best tune I’ve heard in a long time is "Hand Me Down The Tacklings"[ which is not "Hand Me Down The Tackle" ]. If I can get permission from the publishers, I’ll post it in the near future.

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Hidden Fermanagh CD, Vol. 2: Jemmy Duffy’s Barndances

Does anyone know the tunes on the Hidden Fermanagh CD (www.fermanaghmusic.com), Vol. 2, track #13, called "Jemmy Duffy’s Barn Dances"? The tunes played here by Jim Hoy on box and Ian Smith on guitar, are not the tunes available on this web site or in the book that the CD accompanies. The tunes called Eddie or Jimmy Duffy’s Barn Dances here and in the book are different from those played on the CD. There are three tunes on this track.

Does anyone know the tunes on the CD and what they are called? Also, does anyone know Jim Hoy or anything about him? There is nothing in the book or CD liner about him.

Re: Hidden Fermanagh CD, Vol. 2: Jemmy Duffy’s Barndances

I believe that’s a typo and should read "Jimmy Duffy’s." According to the book, he is Eddie Duffy’s brother.

For more details, you may contact Ms Sharon Creasey: https://thesession.org/members/13786

Re: Hidden Fermanagh CD, Vol. 2: Jemmy Duffy’s Barndances

Jim Hoy already recorded the first 2 of those tunes here:


The first one was on the sleeve as "James Dutty’s" [ he doesn’t seem to have much luck with the spelling of his name ], and the second as "The Moneymusk". The 3rd is also Scottish - maybe something to do with Perth, but I can’t place it at the moment. I don’t know, but it’s possible Jim is some relation of fiddler Mick Hoy.
Sharon would definitely know. Or possibly "Longnote" might be the man to ask.

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I think the 2nd tune of the 3 is listed here in the database as "James Duffy’s" and the 3rd as "Moneymusk". Have a look yourself, see what you think.

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