The Leitrim Thrush

By Neil Mulligan

  1. Dwyer’s
    An Staicin Eorna
  2. Caiptin O Maille
  3. Mullin’s Fancy
    The Sailor On The Rock
    The Flags Of Dublin
  4. The Newport Lass
    Port An Bhrathair
  5. Cuaichin Ghleann Neifin
  6. Aursundervals 2
  7. The Drunken Landlady
    The Leitrim Thrush
  8. Packie Duignan’s
    Fasten The Leg In Her
  9. The Scholar
    The Abbey
    The Flax In Bloom
  10. Bean Dubh An Ghleanna
  11. Higgin’s
    Cornphiopa Na Sioga
  12. Duke Gordon
    My Love Is In America
  13. Curachai Na Tra Baine
  14. Toss The Feathers

Two comments

Leitrim Thrush

The recording is a solo piping effort, with a good variety of tunes. The jigs and reels are augmented by a set of waltzes and 4 slow airs.

Neil also includes an archive recording of his father, Tom Mulligan on the fiddle.

“Neil / Néillidh Mulligan: The Leitrim Thrush" ~ website & links

‘Best Traditional Album of 1997’ & ‘Best Solo Album of 1997’
~ as voted by the readers of “Irish Music Magazine”

& nominated by “Hot Press Magazine” as one of the ‘Top 5 Traditional CDs of 1997’

14. ) reels: Toss the Feathers / Gorman’s Reel - Tom Mulligan, fiddle