The Leitrim Thrush

By Neil Mulligan

Two comments

Leitrim Thrush

The recording is a solo piping effort, with a good variety of tunes. The jigs and reels are augmented by a set of waltzes and 4 slow airs.

Neil also includes an archive recording of his father, Tom Mulligan on the fiddle.

“Neil / Néillidh Mulligan: The Leitrim Thrush" ~ website & links

‘Best Traditional Album of 1997’ & ‘Best Solo Album of 1997’
~ as voted by the readers of "Irish Music Magazine"

& nominated by "Hot Press Magazine" as one of the ‘Top 5 Traditional CDs of 1997’

14. ) reels: Toss the Feathers / Gorman’s Reel - Tom Mulligan, fiddle